Our assortment matrix is based on the study of the demand of models in the showroom for brides on production, what helps to create salable models. High-quality materials, unique laces and fabrics, honed patterns and a three-step tailoring check – contribute to a good fit. Not only the number of partners is important for us, but also the quality of the partnership itself. That’s why we do everything to ensure that our cooperation is as long as possible, comfortable and personal manager

— discounts

— exclusivity 50 km

— photo and video of collections

— PR company from our partners in their cities.

To Start Cooperation

To make sure of the quality of our dresses, you can make the first order only  for 1-2 dresses

Production Time

From 3 to 14 working days, depending on the volume of the order.

You can ask the manager for help and we will be glad to help you choose the most popular models for your region.


We ship dresses all over the world, delivery takes from 3 to 21 days. It depends on selected carrier company after full payment of the order.

Payment information

 You can pay for the order to a “PrivatBank” card or transfer via the “WESTERN UNION” system.

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